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Ever wish for an attorney who understands your business needs?

Meet Lori Nugent, CEO & founder
LMN Legal Consulting LLC


Cybersecurity/Privacy Law Founder with over 20 years outside counsel to C-Suite executives and boards of directors
• > 1,000 breaches successfully defended as lead outside counsel


Acquisitions: Quickly assesses a target’s current cyber posture, delves deeper as warranted, evaluates the time and cost for the target to meet the acquirer’s cyber risk appetite
Emerging Operations: Identifies cost-effective steps that enhance the organization’s ability to retain its valuation through cyber diligence as funding or sale is sought
Sales & Vendors: Helps reduce sales friction caused by cyber risks, finds solutions that make it easier to meet vendor management and cyber procurement requirements
Insurance: Enhances insurance solutions designed to minimize the negative financial impact of cyber liabilities with careful analysis of cyber exposures, including evaluation of cyber insurance and reserving options.
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A moose


Like the moose, a CEO is powerful and can be friendly. That said, it’s generally unwise to stand between a CEO and their mission!

Ultimately responsible for the organization, the CEO balances competing needs. 
For digital disruption advantages and cybersecurity/privacy risks, the CEO balances:
• Sales’ need to for competitive advantages from digitally disruptive technologies
• Cybersecurity/privacy legal obligations that are complex and rapidly expanding. 

By balancing these needs, the CEO maximizes digital disruption opportunities while appropriately reducing legal risks. 

Finding a good balance sounds simple, but requires flexibility and creativity because attack vectors and the legal environment change continuously. Also, boards of directors view cybersecurity/privacy as a top concern that keeps them up at night.

The CEO must be comfortable explaining the organization’s balance between digital disruption competitive advantages, and a legally defensible cybersecurity/privacy posture. When a significant cybersecurity/privacy incident like a ransomware attack or data breach happens, the CEO will be in the hot seat.

To succeed, the CEO must motivate and rely on the entire executive team. Each operation must be responsible for protecting sensitive data entrusted to it, and all of the operations must work together to respond well when a cybersecurity/privacy incident happens.

LMN Legal Consulting LLC understands how challenging it can be for a CEO to maintain a defensible balance between digital disruption and cybersecurity/privacy needs, while ensuring that the organization is ready to respond to incidents like ransomware attacks and data breaches.

For decades, LMN Legal Consulting LLC’s CEO + Founder, Lori Nugent, has been helping organizations meet this challenge, maximizing opportunities while reducing legal risks. She can provide as much or as little help as you want. For example:
• a one-time phone call to discuss an issue:
• helping prioritizing cybersecurity/privacy projects to maximize ROI and legal defensibility,
• quickly assessing the current state after the pandemic’s work-from-home pivot,
• and providing options for improvement in a way that’s easy to share with the board when you’re ready.

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An owl in a pine tree


Like the owl, the CLO/GC is wise, alert to risks, and protective. The CLO/GC perspective and legal advice that protects the organization.

Cybersecurity and privacy law continues to develop at a rapid pace.  At the same time, digital disruption is creating new opportunities--and risks.

For cybersecurity/privacy, the CLO/GC advises on cybersecurity/privacy developments, legal issues and obligations.  The CLO/GC supports using digitally disruptive technologies appropriately, and avoiding products and practices that are legal lemons!

The legal team, collaborating with other stakeholders, needs to help every operation in every location to:
• understand its cybersecurity/privacy legal obligations, 
• develop policies and procedures for protecting data, 
• respond appropriately to requests from individuals exercising data subject rights, 
• incorporate approved privacy and cybersecurity language into contracts,
• and respond well from the legal perspective to ransomware attacks, electronic funds transfer fraud, and data breaches.

For legal defensibility, the CLO/GC needs to make sure that all board members and C-Suite executives regularly are updated on cybersecurity/privacy legal developments.  It also is important for these stakeholders to know what to do (and what not to do) when a cybersecurity/privacy incident happens.

LMN Legal Consulting LLC understands how challenging cybersecurity/privacy can be for the CLO/GC and legal team.  For decades, LMN Legal Consulting LLC’s CEO + Founder, Lori Nugent, has been helping organizations with cybersecurity/privacy legal issues, maximizing opportunities while reducing legal risks.

From a one-time phone call to discuss a challenging issue, to helping you prioritize projects to maximize ROI and legal defensibility within your budget, to providing a quick assessment of the current state and options for improvement, to helping you build an effective privacy operation, or providing support to accelerate development of an emerging privacy/cybersecurity legal leader, or providing a legal-focused incident response test, or a training session for the C-Suite and/or the board of directors, or whatever legal help you want, Lori is standing by, ready to add her expertise (and her network’s) to yours.  

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A Texas longhorn


Like the longhorn, a member of the board is strong on their own, and also carries the power of the herd with them.
Each board member brings life experience to help the organization they serve.
Together, the board is a strong force providing broad perspective and wisdom.

Cybersecurity and privacy is one of the top issues that keeps board members up at night. These are some of the questions that contribute to board members’ lack of sleep:
•Do you understand cybersecurity and privacy well enough to help guide the organization?
•Are you aware of current cybersecurity/privacy developments?
•Do you understand the organization’s privacy and cybersecurity posture?
•Does it meet the organization’s risk appetite? 
•How does it compare to the organization’s cybersecurity/privacy legal obligations?
•How legally defensible is the organization’s current state if a significant cybersecurity/privacy incident happened today?
•Do all operations across the enterprise know how to protect the data they obtain and use?
•Do they know what they should do to respond to a cybersecurity/privacy incident?
•Is insurance/reserving sufficient to sustain the organization when it faces a significant ransomware attack, data breach or other cybersecurity/privacy incident? 
•How will the board engage when a serious cybersecurity/privacy incident happens? 
•What should a board member do when contacted by the press for a comment about the organization’s cybersecurity/privacy incident?

If you have these questions or others, LMN Legal Consulting LLC can help. For decades, CEO + Founder Lori Nugent has advised boards and senior executive teams on cybersecurity/privacy. She’s standing by, ready to add her expertise (and her network’s) to yours.

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A crow on a branch


Like the crow, a CPO/Privacy Leader is brave, resourceful, loyal, and effective.

The CPO/Privacy Leader’s job is challenging.  This relatively new position is the face, voice and heart of privacy in your organization.  The CPO/Privacy Leader must be as persuasive with the most junior employee as they are with the C-Suite and Board. This leader must convince others to join in building and maintaining a strong privacy culture. CPO/Privacy Leaders often need to accomplish goals with minimal staffing and funding, so they must gain others’ support to meet the organization’s privacy legal obligations.  This isn’t an easy job!

What if, as CPO/Privacy Leader, you could call a guru who would collaborate with you to: 
• Provide an update to executive leadership on recent privacy legal developments, and how other organizations are meeting today’s privacy challenges; or 
•Engage leaders in a simulated privacy incident response exercise; or
•Prepare a quick, cost-effective assessment of the organization’s core privacy risks, and its strengths and challenges in protecting the privacy of data entrusted to it; or
•Serve as a sounding board, for just an hour or so when you want it, helping you to work through a challenging issue; or
•Meet with you (in person or virtually) monthly or quarterly to help you make progress, overcome challenges, and set goals for the next period; or
•Maximize the impact of current staffing and budget, helping you prioritize and streamline work to accomplish goals;or
•If you’re new to this role, or have just added someone newer to privacy to your team, regular meetings to help accelerate progress and rapidly gain deeper experience?

LMN Legal Consulting LLC regularly provides this kind of support to CPO/Privacy Leaders. CEO + Founder Lori Nugent is standing by, ready to add her expertise (and her network’s) to yours.

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A prairie dog


Like the prairie dog, a person new to privacy is curious and energetic.

Privacy is an awesome new area that is growing rapidly.  Opportunity is everywhere in the privacy area, so you’ll have early opportunities to lead and grow rapidly.  Frankly, those of us who already are in privacy needed you yesterday!  We can’t wait to help and support you so that you’re ready to take on increasing responsibility as quickly as you’re able.  We need you!

Ok, but with the privacy team so busy, how can this kind of support be provided?  

What if you had regular support from a privacy and cybersecurity leader?  Someone who:
• Has helped others go from new privacy person to Privacy Officer;
• Knows how to support emerging leaders, giving them perspective on what has worked for others, what tends not to work, and why;
• Collaborated with an emerging privacy leader and built a strong, global privacy operation that engaged every operation of the Fortune 500 corporation, gaining the respect of the C-Suite and Board;
• Helped a global Fortune 500 company become GDPR compliant at a basic level in just over three months-- between Valentine’s Day and the May 25th effective date of the GDPR;  
• Has supported many emerging leaders, accelerating acquisition of privacy experience and growth into an acknowledged privacy leader.

LMN Legal Consulting LLC can’t wait to help you learn the right information, when you want it, to support your rapid growth in your privacy (and cybersecurity?) career!  The privacy field needs you! CEO + Founder Lori Nugent provides one-time and regularly scheduled acceleration sessions to support privacy people who are eager to learn.  Your acceleration sessions will be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

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A badger


Like the badger, a CISO is fearless.

The CISO literally has an impossible job: their cybersecurity team continuously fights against a wide variety of attackers, from botnets scouring the internet to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities, to military units of hackers deployed by nations to punish perceived enemies, disrupt infrastructure, cripple supply chains, and create chaos that benefits their country.  To combat ransomware, the CISO’s must ensure that backups are sufficient for quick recovery when ransomware locks the company out of its own systems.  The CISO’s team must win 24/7 every day of every year; a hacker only has to win once.

The CISO’s team also has an important role in evaluating the cybersecurity of vendors and new technology products that stakeholders believe will provide a competitive advantage.  While the CISO knows that an organization’s cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link, stakeholders often want exceptions for their vendors and new technology products despite real organizational risks. With so much on the CISO’s plate, it’s easy to understand their strong resistance to things that weaken the organization’s cybersecurity posture.  What if the CISO had easy access to a cybersecurity/privacy legal guru who could help:
•Stakeholders understand how cybersecurity risks could impact the organization;
•Articulate why cybersecurity/privacy assessments are necessary to protect the organization; and
•Address organizational structural challenges to amplify the CISO’s voice, so that it isn’t lost among more powerful stakeholders.

LMN Legal Consulting LLC’s CEO + Founder Lori Nugent has helped others build strong governance and gain stakeholder support.  She’s standing by, ready to add her expertise to yours to help you protect your organization’s systems and attain your goals. 

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A honeybee


Like the honeybee, a CIO/CTO is a careful builder.  The CIO/CTO ensures that the organization’s technology structure meets stakeholder needs.   The CIO/CTO is attentive to details, stakeholders and the good of the organization

The CTO/CIO is responsible for the organization’s technology operations.  They make sure that each operation has the technology needed to support their work.  When the pandemic hit, many CIO/CTOs pivoted rapidly to support a new work-from-home primary environment.  Rolling out a major new technology across an organization typically takes many months to plan, test and deploy, but the pandemic created immediate need.  Quick action was required to get everyone back to work. 

Having accomplished the pandemic’s work-from-home pivot, the CIO/CTO likely will be under pressure to rapidly deploy other technology.  Gaining support for appropriate planning and deployment is critical when the CIO/CTO, CISO and CPO are aligned.  What if you could easily access a cybersecurity/privacy guru who could help you:
• Conduct an incident response test that helps stakeholders understand the real-world impact of rolling out new technology to quickly--including their potential role as a witness;
•Provide options for accelerating deployment of a critical new product, while meeting cybersecurity and privacy needs;
•Analyze the current state of technology cybersecurity/privacy, and provide suggestions for prioritizing and accelerating work needed to meet the organization’s risk appetite;
•Provide options for governance that make it easier to meet stakeholder needs prudently;
•Access someone who will collaborate with you to help you meet your goals, in a one-time call or regularly scheduled calls/meetings.

LMN Legal Consulting’s CEO + Founder Lori Nugent is standing by, ready to add her expertise to yours, to help you serve as an excellent steward of your organization’s technology operation.

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A dragonfly


Like the dragonfly, a CCO/Compliance Leader is adaptable and protective. 

The CCO/Compliance Leader is under more pressure than ever in the emerging technology, cybersecurity and privacy area.  The pandemic’s pivot to work-from-home as the primary environment, combined with greater need to increase revenue puts greater pressure on the Compliance operation to be gentler.  Unfortunately, legal cybersecurity/privacy requirements became more complex and challenging this year.  Also, quick moves needed for the pandemic likely did not benefit from the usual compliance process.  The organizational level of compliance before the pandemic has been disrupted significantly.  In many ways, this year’s compliance efforts involve completely new operations.  

As COO/Compliance Leader, how can you get stakeholder support to do the work necessary to meet the organization’s risk appetite? What if you could access an guru steeped in cybersecurity, enterprise risk and privacy law, who would help you to:
• Conduct an incident response exercise that highlights the risks of going gently on compliance this year; or
• Quickly assess the current state of cybersecurity/privacy after the work-from-home pivot, identifying challenges and providing suggestions for prioritizing work and rapidly addressing critical issues to meet the organization’s risk appetite; or
• Collaborate with you to address specific challenges in a one-time call or regular calls/meetings.

LMN Legal Consulting LLC understands the challenges that the CCO/Compliance Leader is facing.  CEO + Founder Lori Nugent is standing by, ready to add her expertise (and her network’s) to yours, helping you protect your organization as its compliance steward, despite the unusual challenges of the pandemic.

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An elephant


Like the elephant, the CFO holds the long term memories of the organization. 
The CFO converts deep knowledge into actionable financials, using past experience to inform plans for the future. 

The pandemic stress tested your organization.  Quick pivots were required.  Short term and long term plans required adjustment because of rapidly changing circumstances.  In other words, as CFO you’ve been very busy!

In making adjustments, new priorities necessarily reflect new revenue realities.  It’s more important after making pandemic pivots to take cost-effective steps to be prepared for a cybersecurity/privacy incident like ransomware, with or without a data breach.  It’s also important to adjust wire transfer protocols to reduce the risk of electronic fund transfer fraud.  

The cybersecurity/privacy legal defensible posture of your organization can make the difference between avoiding or quickly recovering from a cybersecurity/privacy incident, or incurring significant reputational damage.  With this year’s dramatic increase in ransomware attacks, your organization’s cybersecurity/privacy posture could impact financials when an incident happens.  What if you could collaborate easily with a  cybersecurity/privacy legal guru, who would help you to: 
• Rapidly assess your organization’s cybersecurity/privacy legal defensibility, and streamline work needed to meet your organization’s risk appetite; or
•Quickly assess the cybersecurity/privacy legal defensibility of 
          - a disruptive technology that sales wants to deploy immediately; or
          - an acquisition target to avoid wasting time on a lemon; or
•Act as a sounding board, helping you maximize cyber/privacy ROI with current staffing; or
• Collaborate with your for just an hour or so when you want it, helping with challenging cybersecurity/privacy issues.

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An emperor penguin


The CRO/Risk Manager, like the Emperor Penguin is caring, protective and responsible

This year, it will be harder to get the cyber insurance needed to protect your organization.  Since the insurance industry weathered an unusually high volume of losses last year, underwriters and claims handlers are under pressure to improve results.  This year, expect more scrutiny of your organization’s cybersecurity and privacy policies, procedures and practices, more detailed applications, more scrutiny of technical cybersecurity, and more aggressive claims positions. 

Yes, your organization will need you more than ever under these conditions! What if you could obtain a quick independent assessment of your organization’s current cybersecurity and privacy posture, and practical suggestions for prioritizing improvements to help your organization fare better at renewal time? Or obtain help in evaluating policy options from a legal perspective? 

LMN Legal Consulting LLC understands current market conditions, cyber policies, and key steps you can take to make your organization a “better” risk before engaging in renewals.  CEO + Founder Lori Nugent has been involved in cyber insurance for decades.   Lori is standing by, ready to add her expertise (and her network’s) to yours.   

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A malamute


Like the malamute, a sales executive is responsive, social, and likable. But don’t get between a Malamute and its food!  

Everyone in sales is under pressure to increase revenue.  On top of that, digital disruption is happening, creating pressure to find the best new disruptive technology so that you have a  competitive advantage.  Nobody wants to miss out and become the next Blockbuster Video! 

Most organizations’ cybersecurity/privacy procedures make it harder to be first to market with new disruptive technology.  What if you had access to a cybersecurity/privacy legal guru who would help you to:  
• Quickly assess the new digital disruptive technology you’ve found could be de-risked to meet your organization’s risk appetite; 
          - If the new technology likely meets cybersecurity/privacy legal needs, the guru could provide documentation to make it easier to obtain quicker approval;
          - If the new technology has privacy/cybersecurity that isn’t legally defensible, you’ll know quickly-- so you will avoid wasting time on a lemon!

LMN Legal Consulting LLC can help you overcome roadblocks-- or quit wasting your time on a lemon.  For decades, Lori Nugent, LMN Legal Consulting’s CEO + Founder, has helped organizations identify emerging technologies that meet legal cybersecurity/privacy needs. She knows how to collaborate with stakeholders to expedite consideration of “good” emerging technology.  She’ll also save you lots of time by letting you know quickly if you’re considering a lemon.  

Lori is standing by, ready to add her expertise (and her network’s) to yours.

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