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Effective Date: 23 November 2020

Privacy matters. This Website Privacy Notice will help you understand what happens to information about you when you use this Website.

This Website doesn’t do very much.

For fun, on this Website, LMN LC matches privacy/cybersecurity roles with animals. Yep, you read that correctly—LMN LC matches privacy/cybersecurity roles with animals—for fun!

Thinking about roles/animals also can help folks think through challenges with a broader perspective.
•What do you think?
•Did LMN LC get it “right”?
•Do you think a different animal is a better match for any of the roles?
•Are there other roles (with animals) that should be added?
Fun is important, so let LMN LC know what you think at

This Website also:
•provides information about LMN LC; and
•makes it easy for you contact LMN LC by providing LMN LC’s contact information, and giving you the option to submit basic contact information that will allow LMN LC to arrange a date and time for a discussion.

We only use any contact information you provide to contact you and work together to set a date and time for a discussion. We do not keep information you provide on this Website after we have met, or after 60 days—whichever comes first.

LMN LC does not use this Website to collect any other information. That’s it.

This Website is hosted by Webflow. Please read Webflow’s Privacy Notice at to understand what they do with any information they may obtain when you access this Website.

LMN LC takes commercial reasonable steps to protect the limited information that you may provide to us through this Website. If you have any questions or want to learn more about LMN LC’s privacy practices, please email or send a letter to us at:
LMN Legal Consulting LLC
2001 Ross Avenue Suite 700-117
Dallas, Texas. 75201
United States